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IID00003  Chromodomain-helicase-DNA-binding protein 1 (Homo sapiens) O14646
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 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 268-443 Hetero trimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2y A This complex is hetero trimer in the automatic decision, but is actually homo trimer. Reference
       Region 2b2y A 268-269 disorder
       Region 2b2y A 270-308 order
       Region 2b2y A 309-309 disorder
       Region 2b2y A 310-443 order
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2y B This complex is hetero trimer in the automatic decision, but is actually homo trimer. Reference
       Region 2b2y B 268-268 disorder
       Region 2b2y B 269-309 order
       Region 2b2y B 310-310 disorder
       Region 2b2y B 311-399 order
       Region 2b2y B 400-405 disorder
       Region 2b2y B 406-443 order
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2y C This complex is hetero trimer in the automatic decision, but is actually homo trimer. Reference
       Region 2b2y C 268-268 disorder
       Region 2b2y C 269-354 order
       Region 2b2y C 355-373 disorder
Seq 268-443 Hetero dimer : P03495
 Evidence X-RAY 4nw2 A Reference
       Region 4nw2 A 268-269 disorder
       Region 4nw2 A 270-442 order
       Region 4nw2 A 443-443 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4nw2 C Reference
       Region 4nw2 C 268-269 disorder
       Region 4nw2 C 270-442 order
       Region 4nw2 C 443-443 disorder
Seq 268-443 Hetero dimer : IID90024Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 4o42 A Reference
       Region 4o42 A 268-269 disorder
       Region 4o42 A 270-442 order
       Region 4o42 A 443-443 disorder
Seq 268-443 Hetero tetramer : IID00062Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2u A Reference
       Region 2b2u A 268-270 disorder
       Region 2b2u A 271-308 order
       Region 2b2u A 309-310 disorder
       Region 2b2u A 311-443 order
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2u B Reference
       Region 2b2u B 268-268 disorder
       Region 2b2u B 269-309 order
       Region 2b2u B 310-310 disorder
       Region 2b2u B 311-401 order
       Region 2b2u B 402-403 disorder
       Region 2b2u B 404-443 order
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2v A Reference
       Region 2b2v A 268-269 disorder
       Region 2b2v A 270-443 order
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2v B Reference
       Region 2b2v B 268-270 disorder
       Region 2b2v B 271-401 order
       Region 2b2v B 402-404 disorder
       Region 2b2v B 405-443 order
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2u C Reference
       Region 2b2u C 268-270 disorder
       Region 2b2u C 271-357 order
       Region 2b2u C 358-373 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2v C Reference
       Region 2b2v C 268-270 disorder
       Region 2b2v C 271-355 order
       Region 2b2v C 356-373 disorder
Seq 268-443 Hetero tetramer : IID00062Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2t A Reference
       Region 2b2t A 268-268 disorder
       Region 2b2t A 269-443 order
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2t B Reference
       Region 2b2t B 268-309 order
       Region 2b2t B 310-310 disorder
       Region 2b2t B 311-402 order
       Region 2b2t B 403-404 disorder
       Region 2b2t B 405-443 order
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2w A Reference
       Region 2b2w A 268-268 disorder
       Region 2b2w A 269-443 order
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2w B Reference
       Region 2b2w B 268-268 disorder
       Region 2b2w B 269-309 order
       Region 2b2w B 310-310 disorder
       Region 2b2w B 311-443 order
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2t C Reference
       Region 2b2t C 268-269 disorder
       Region 2b2t C 270-355 order
       Region 2b2t C 356-373 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 2b2w C Reference
       Region 2b2w C 268-268 disorder
       Region 2b2w C 269-354 order
       Region 2b2w C 355-373 disorder
Seq 270-443 Hetero dimer : IID00009Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 5afw A Reference
       Region 5afw A 270-362 order
       Region 5afw A 363-373 disorder
       Region 5afw A 374-443 order
Seq 1119-1327 Homo dimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 4b4c A Reference
       Region 4b4c A 1119-1123 disorder
       Region 4b4c A 1124-1181 order
       Region 4b4c A 1182-1198 disorder
       Region 4b4c A 1199-1327 order
Seq 1409-1511 Monomer :
 Evidence NMR 2n39 A Reference
       Region 2n39 A 1409-1511 order
       Region 2n39 A 1506-1511 high_rmsd
    215-215 Phosphoserine
    216-216 Phosphoserine
    237-237 Phosphothreonine
    241-241 Phosphoserine
    250-250 Phosphothreonine
    252-252 Phosphoserine
    471-471 Phosphoserine
    1025-1025 Phosphoserine
    1040-1040 Phosphoserine
    1081-1081 Phosphoserine
    1085-1085 Phosphoserine
    1096-1096 Phosphoserine
    1098-1098 Phosphoserine
    1100-1100 Phosphoserine
    1102-1102 Phosphoserine
    1161-1161 Phosphoserine
    1353-1353 Phosphoserine
    1355-1355 Phosphoserine
    1356-1356 Phosphoserine
    1360-1360 Phosphoserine
    1363-1363 Phosphoserine
    1371-1371 Phosphoserine
    1373-1373 Phosphoserine
    1622-1622 Phosphoserine
    1677-1677 Phosphoserine
    1689-1689 Phosphoserine
Disorder 1-275,443-467,938-1123,1328-1406,1507-1710
Known Domain 276-442,468-937,1124-1327,1407-1506
     5afwA1 270-362 7e-32 b.34.13.2 ATP-dependent helicase CHD1 (Chromo ...
     5afwA2 374-443 7e-22 b.34.13.2 ATP-dependent helicase CHD1 (Chromo ...
     1z63A1 480-707 1e-53 c.37.1.19 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX25
     1z3iX1 702-1018 e-106 c.37.1.19 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX25
SCOP Hmmer
     2b2yA2 272-364 1.7e-24 b.34.13.2 ATP-dependent ...
     2b2yA1 367-444 1.7e-21 b.34.13.2 ATP-dependent ...
     1z3iX2 428-697 6.8e-60 c.37.1.19 ATP-dependent ...
     1z3iX1 699-981 3.7e-72 c.37.1.19 ATP-dependent ...
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF05110 4-236 1e-06 AF-4 proto-oncoprotein
     PF00385 311-353 3e-05 Chromo (CHRromatin Organisa...
     PF00385 390-440 1e-04 Chromo (CHRromatin Organisa...
     PF11496 750-935 3e-12 Class II histone deacetylas...
     PF18375 1125-1210 1e-26 CDH1/2 SANT-Helical linke...
     PF13907 1417-1499 3e-23 Domain of unknown functio...
     PF12751 1524-1703 1e-04 Vacuolar segregation subu...
Pfam Hmmer
    PF00385 310-354 5.1e-13 Chromo (CHRromatin Organis...
    PF00385 389-443 3e-23 Chromo (CHRromatin Organisat...
    PF00176 495-764 6.5e-72 SNF2 family N-terminal dom...
    PF00271 792-902 5.6e-23 Helicase conserved C-termi...
    PF18375 1124-1210 2.2e-36 CDH1/2 SANT-Helical link...
    PF13907 1410-1499 8.9e-31 Domain of unknown functi...