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IID00019  Histone H2A.Z (Homo sapiens) P0C0S5
  :order  :disorder  :conflict  :PDB cluster  :ProS  :SCOP Domain  :Pfam Domain
 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 1-128 Hetero octamer : IID50135Complex,IID50147Complex,P62806
 Evidence X-RAY 1f66 C Reference
       Region 1f66 C 1-16 disorder
       Region 1f66 C 17-119 order
       Region 1f66 C 120-128 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 1f66 G Reference
       Region 1f66 G 1-16 disorder
       Region 1f66 G 17-123 order
       Region 1f66 G 124-128 disorder
Seq 1-128 Hetero octamer : IID00058Complex,IID00062Complex,P06899
 Evidence X-RAY 3wa9 C Reference
       Region 3wa9 C 1-15 disorder
       Region 3wa9 C 16-121 order
       Region 3wa9 C 122-128 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 3wa9 G Reference
       Region 3wa9 G 1-17 disorder
       Region 3wa9 G 18-121 order
       Region 3wa9 G 122-128 disorder
Seq 1-128 Hetero octamer : IID00016Complex,IID00058Complex,IID00062Complex,P06899
 Evidence X-RAY 5b31 G Reference
       Region 5b31 G 1-16 disorder
       Region 5b31 G 17-120 order
       Region 5b31 G 121-128 disorder
Seq 1-128 Hetero octamer : IID00016Complex,IID00058Complex,IID00239Complex,P06899
 Evidence X-RAY 5b32 G Reference
       Region 5b32 G 1-16 disorder
       Region 5b32 G 17-120 order
       Region 5b32 G 121-128 disorder
Seq 1-128 Hetero octamer : IID00058Complex,IID00239Complex,P06899
 Evidence X-RAY 5b33 C Reference
       Region 5b33 C 1-16 disorder
       Region 5b33 C 17-121 order
       Region 5b33 C 122-128 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5b33 G Reference
       Region 5b33 G 1-17 disorder
       Region 5b33 G 18-121 order
       Region 5b33 G 122-128 disorder
Seq 16-114 Hetero decamer : Q16778,Q9BTT0
 Evidence X-RAY 4nft A Reference
       Region 4nft A 16-16 order
       Region 4nft A 17-18 disorder
       Region 4nft A 19-107 order
       Region 4nft A 108-114 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4nft B Reference
       Region 4nft B 16-16 order
       Region 4nft B 17-18 disorder
       Region 4nft B 19-107 order
       Region 4nft B 108-114 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4nft C Reference
       Region 4nft C 16-18 disorder
       Region 4nft C 19-107 order
       Region 4nft C 108-114 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4nft D Reference
       Region 4nft D 16-18 disorder
       Region 4nft D 19-107 order
       Region 4nft D 108-114 disorder
Seq 19-128 Hetero trimer : P06899,Q15906
 Evidence X-RAY 5fug G Reference
       Region 5fug G 19-40 order
       Region 5fug G 41-44 disorder
       Region 5fug G 45-104 order
       Region 5fug G 105-128 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5fug D Reference
       Region 5fug D 19-40 order
       Region 5fug D 41-45 disorder
       Region 5fug D 46-107 order
       Region 5fug D 108-128 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5fug A Reference
       Region 5fug A 19-107 order
       Region 5fug A 108-128 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5fug J Reference
       Region 5fug J 19-103 order
       Region 5fug J 104-128 disorder
Seq 19-128 Hetero trimer : P06899,Q9BTT0
 Evidence X-RAY 4cay A Reference
       Region 4cay A 19-40 order
       Region 4cay A 41-44 disorder
       Region 4cay A 45-108 order
       Region 4cay A 109-128 disorder
Seq 22-113 Hetero dimer : Q9VKM6
 Evidence X-RAY 5chl B Reference
       Region 5chl B 22-106 order
       Region 5chl B 107-113 disorder
    5-5 N6-acetyllysine; alternate
    8-8 N6-acetyllysine; alternate
    12-12 N6-acetyllysine
    14-14 N6-acetyllysine
Disorder 1-18,108-128
Known Domain 19-107
     4cayA 19-108 1e-21 a.22.1.1 Histone H2A
SCOP Hmmer
     1q9cA_ 3-102 2.5e-45 a.22.1.3 Chrac-14
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF16211 95-126 7e-04 C-terminus of histone H2A
Pfam Hmmer
    PF00125 7-94 1.7e-23 Core histone H2A/H2B/H3/H4
    PF16211 95-126 6.3e-17 C-terminus of histone H2A