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IID00024  X-ray repair cross-complementing protein 5 (Homo sapiens) P13010  LLPSNucleus, Nucleolus.
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 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 1-565 Hetero dimer : IID00023Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 1jeq B Reference
       Region 1jeq B 1-5 disorder
       Region 1jeq B 6-169 order
       Region 1jeq B 170-181 disorder
       Region 1jeq B 182-189 order
       Region 1jeq B 190-191 disorder
       Region 1jeq B 192-323 order
       Region 1jeq B 324-326 disorder
       Region 1jeq B 327-542 order
       Region 1jeq B 543-565 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 1jey B Reference
       Region 1jey B 1-5 disorder
       Region 1jey B 6-170 order
       Region 1jey B 171-180 disorder
       Region 1jey B 181-545 order
       Region 1jey B 546-565 disorder
Seq 559-571 Hetero dimer : IID50009Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 3rz9 B Reference
       Region 3rz9 B 559-559 disorder
       Region 3rz9 B 560-571 order
Seq 566-710 Monomer :
 Evidence NMR 1q2z A Reference
       Region 1q2z A 590-709 order
       Region 1q2z A 590-591 high_rmsd
       Region 1q2z A 708-709 high_rmsd
 Evidence NMR 1rw2 A Reference
       Region 1rw2 A 566-710 order
       Region 1rw2 A 566-590 high_rmsd
       Region 1rw2 A 708-710 high_rmsd
Seqdisorder 566-594,705-732
 Evidence NMR This region is described to be disordered. (PubMed=15016365). Reference
       Region 566-594 disorder
       Region 705-732 disorder
Seqdisorder 543-591,709-732
 Evidence NMR This region is described to be disordered. (PubMed=14672664). Reference
       Region 543-591 disorder
       Region 709-732 disorder
SeqProS verified 560-571 Nuclear Localization Signal (NLS) Hetero dimer : IID50009Complex
       Region 3rz9 B 560-571 order
       Region 543-591 disorder
    255-255 Phosphoserine
    258-258 Phosphoserine
    318-318 Phosphoserine
    535-535 Phosphothreonine
    577-577 Phosphoserine; by PRKDC
    579-579 Phosphoserine; by PRKDC
    580-580 Phosphoserine; by PRKDC
    715-715 Phosphothreonine; by PRKDC
    144-144 N6-acetyllysine
    265-265 N6-acetyllysine
    332-332 N6-acetyllysine
    660-660 N6-acetyllysine
    665-665 N6-acetyllysine
Disorder 1-5,543-565,711-732
Known Domain 6-542,566-710
     1jeyB2 6-241 2e-62 c.62.1.4 Ku80 subunit N-terminal domain
     1jeyB1 242-545 2e-83 b.131.1.2 Ku80 subunit middle domain
     1q2zA 590-709 8e-39 a.118.19.1 C-terminal domain of Ku80
SCOP Hmmer
     1jeyB2 6-241 2.9e-53 c.62.1.4 Ku80 subunit N-te...
     1jeyB1 243-545 7.9e-99 b.131.1.2 Ku80 subunit m...
     1rw2A_ 559-709 3.4e-51 C-terminal domain of Ku...
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF03731 9-164 1e-21 Ku70/Ku80 N-terminal alpha/be...
     PF02735 254-455 4e-11 Ku70/Ku80 beta-barrel domai...
     PF03730 477-569 3e-07 Ku70/Ku80 C-terminal arm
     PF08785 594-703 1e-27 Ku C terminal domain like
Pfam Hmmer
    PF03731 9-243 3.1e-70 Ku70/Ku80 N-terminal alpha/b...
    PF02735 253-452 5.9e-48 Ku70/Ku80 beta-barrel doma...
    PF03730 477-569 8.4e-19 Ku70/Ku80 C-terminal arm
    PF08785 593-705 6.7e-33 Ku C terminal domain like