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IID00046  Signal transducer and activator of transcription 1-alpha/beta (Homo sapiens) P42224
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 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 1-126 Hetero tetramer : P04862
 Evidence X-RAY 3wwt A Reference
       Region 3wwt A 1-123 order
       Region 3wwt A 124-126 disorder
Seq 1-683 Hetero dimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 1yvl B Reference
       Region 1yvl B 1-1 disorder
       Region 1yvl B 2-123 order
       Region 1yvl B 124-134 disorder
       Region 1yvl B 135-182 order
       Region 1yvl B 183-190 disorder
       Region 1yvl B 191-412 order
       Region 1yvl B 413-421 disorder
       Region 1yvl B 422-620 order
       Region 1yvl B 621-621 disorder
       Region 1yvl B 622-683 order
Seq 1-683 Hetero dimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 1yvl A Reference
       Region 1yvl A 1-1 disorder
       Region 1yvl A 2-126 order
       Region 1yvl A 127-132 disorder
       Region 1yvl A 133-181 order
       Region 1yvl A 182-187 disorder
       Region 1yvl A 188-414 order
       Region 1yvl A 415-424 disorder
       Region 1yvl A 425-544 order
       Region 1yvl A 545-549 disorder
       Region 1yvl A 550-621 order
       Region 1yvl A 622-624 disorder
       Region 1yvl A 625-683 order
Seq 136-710 Homo dimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 1bf5 A Reference
       Region 1bf5 A 136-182 order
       Region 1bf5 A 183-196 disorder
       Region 1bf5 A 197-683 order
       Region 1bf5 A 684-699 disorder
       Region 1bf5 A 700-710 order
Seqdisorder 710-750
 Evidence NMR Reference
       Region 710-750 disorder
Seq 710-750 Hetero dimer : IID50008Complex
 Evidence NMR 2ka6 B Reference
       Region 2ka6 B 710-750 order
       Region 2ka6 B 710-718 high_rmsd
       Region 2ka6 B 750-750 high_rmsd
SeqProS verified 710-750 Hetero dimer : IID50008Complex
       Region 2ka6 B 710-750 order
       Region 710-750 disorder
    745-745 Phosphoserine; by IKKE
    727-727 Phosphoserine; by MAPK14
    708-708 Phosphoserine; by IKKE
    701-701 Phosphotyrosine; by JAK1
    701-701 Phosphotyrosine; by JAK1
    708-708 Phosphoserine; by IKKE
    727-727 Phosphoserine; by MAPK14
    745-745 Phosphoserine; by IKKE
    2-2 N-acetylserine
    2-2 N-acetylserine
Disorder 1-1,120-135,711-750
Known Domain 2-119,136-710
     1bgfA 1-120 5e-40
     1bg1A1 134-317 9e-41
     1bg1A2 318-568 2e-70
     1bg1A3 569-710 3e-41
SCOP Hmmer
     1bgfA_ 1-121 4.9e-46
     1bg1A1 134-317 8.2e-68
     1bf5A2 317-568 7.7e-112
     1bg1A3 569-710 4e-46
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF02865 2-119 2e-33 STAT protein, protein interac...
     PF01017 140-308 7e-27 STAT protein, all-alpha dom...
     PF02864 330-458 1e-26 STAT protein, DNA binding d...
     PF12162 715-739 2e-06 STAT1 TAZ2 binding domain
Pfam Hmmer
    PF02865 2-119 1.1e-43 STAT protein, protein intera...
    PF01017 139-305 4.7e-57 STAT protein, all-alpha do...
    PF02864 323-458 1.1e-43 STAT protein, DNA binding ...
    PF00017 578-638 7.2e-13 SH2 domain
    PF12162 715-739 1e-18 STAT1 TAZ2 binding domain