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IID00047  Signal transducer and activator of transcription 6 (Homo sapiens) P42226
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 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 113-658 Homo dimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 4y5w D Reference
       Region 4y5w D 113-128 disorder
       Region 4y5w D 129-153 order
       Region 4y5w D 154-176 disorder
       Region 4y5w D 177-249 order
       Region 4y5w D 250-252 disorder
       Region 4y5w D 253-323 order
       Region 4y5w D 324-336 disorder
       Region 4y5w D 337-372 order
       Region 4y5w D 373-374 disorder
       Region 4y5w D 375-395 order
       Region 4y5w D 396-399 disorder
       Region 4y5w D 400-577 order
       Region 4y5w D 578-581 disorder
       Region 4y5w D 582-635 order
       Region 4y5w D 636-637 disorder
       Region 4y5w D 638-651 order
       Region 4y5w D 652-658 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4y5w B Reference
       Region 4y5w B 113-128 disorder
       Region 4y5w B 129-153 order
       Region 4y5w B 154-177 disorder
       Region 4y5w B 178-246 order
       Region 4y5w B 247-252 disorder
       Region 4y5w B 253-323 order
       Region 4y5w B 324-336 disorder
       Region 4y5w B 337-396 order
       Region 4y5w B 397-399 disorder
       Region 4y5w B 400-651 order
       Region 4y5w B 652-658 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4y5w C Reference
       Region 4y5w C 113-128 disorder
       Region 4y5w C 129-153 order
       Region 4y5w C 154-176 disorder
       Region 4y5w C 177-246 order
       Region 4y5w C 247-252 disorder
       Region 4y5w C 253-323 order
       Region 4y5w C 324-336 disorder
       Region 4y5w C 337-371 order
       Region 4y5w C 372-377 disorder
       Region 4y5w C 378-395 order
       Region 4y5w C 396-399 disorder
       Region 4y5w C 400-577 order
       Region 4y5w C 578-581 disorder
       Region 4y5w C 582-635 order
       Region 4y5w C 636-637 disorder
       Region 4y5w C 638-651 order
       Region 4y5w C 652-658 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4y5w A Reference
       Region 4y5w A 113-128 disorder
       Region 4y5w A 129-153 order
       Region 4y5w A 154-177 disorder
       Region 4y5w A 178-248 order
       Region 4y5w A 249-252 disorder
       Region 4y5w A 253-303 order
       Region 4y5w A 304-304 disorder
       Region 4y5w A 305-323 order
       Region 4y5w A 324-336 disorder
       Region 4y5w A 337-395 order
       Region 4y5w A 396-398 disorder
       Region 4y5w A 399-651 order
       Region 4y5w A 652-658 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4y5u B Reference
       Region 4y5u B 113-129 disorder
       Region 4y5u B 130-151 order
       Region 4y5u B 152-179 disorder
       Region 4y5u B 180-242 order
       Region 4y5u B 243-254 disorder
       Region 4y5u B 255-323 order
       Region 4y5u B 324-338 disorder
       Region 4y5u B 339-366 order
       Region 4y5u B 367-380 disorder
       Region 4y5u B 381-394 order
       Region 4y5u B 395-398 disorder
       Region 4y5u B 399-626 order
       Region 4y5u B 627-637 disorder
       Region 4y5u B 638-651 order
       Region 4y5u B 652-658 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4y5u A Reference
       Region 4y5u A 113-129 disorder
       Region 4y5u A 130-151 order
       Region 4y5u A 152-152 disorder
       Region 4y5u A 153-156 order
       Region 4y5u A 157-178 disorder
       Region 4y5u A 179-243 order
       Region 4y5u A 244-253 disorder
       Region 4y5u A 254-323 order
       Region 4y5u A 324-338 disorder
       Region 4y5u A 339-366 order
       Region 4y5u A 367-380 disorder
       Region 4y5u A 381-394 order
       Region 4y5u A 395-399 disorder
       Region 4y5u A 400-626 order
       Region 4y5u A 627-636 disorder
       Region 4y5u A 637-651 order
       Region 4y5u A 652-658 disorder
Seq 123-658 Homo tetramer :
 Evidence X-RAY 5d39 D Reference
       Region 5d39 D 123-124 disorder
       Region 5d39 D 125-152 order
       Region 5d39 D 153-176 disorder
       Region 5d39 D 177-301 order
       Region 5d39 D 302-304 disorder
       Region 5d39 D 305-324 order
       Region 5d39 D 325-334 disorder
       Region 5d39 D 335-372 order
       Region 5d39 D 373-375 disorder
       Region 5d39 D 376-651 order
       Region 5d39 D 652-658 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5d39 C Reference
       Region 5d39 C 123-124 disorder
       Region 5d39 C 125-151 order
       Region 5d39 C 152-176 disorder
       Region 5d39 C 177-301 order
       Region 5d39 C 302-304 disorder
       Region 5d39 C 305-324 order
       Region 5d39 C 325-334 disorder
       Region 5d39 C 335-372 order
       Region 5d39 C 373-375 disorder
       Region 5d39 C 376-579 order
       Region 5d39 C 580-581 disorder
       Region 5d39 C 582-651 order
       Region 5d39 C 652-658 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5d39 B Reference
       Region 5d39 B 123-124 disorder
       Region 5d39 B 125-151 order
       Region 5d39 B 152-179 disorder
       Region 5d39 B 180-301 order
       Region 5d39 B 302-304 disorder
       Region 5d39 B 305-324 order
       Region 5d39 B 325-334 disorder
       Region 5d39 B 335-372 order
       Region 5d39 B 373-374 disorder
       Region 5d39 B 375-651 order
       Region 5d39 B 652-658 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5d39 A Reference
       Region 5d39 A 123-124 disorder
       Region 5d39 A 125-151 order
       Region 5d39 A 152-177 disorder
       Region 5d39 A 178-302 order
       Region 5d39 A 303-304 disorder
       Region 5d39 A 305-324 order
       Region 5d39 A 325-334 disorder
       Region 5d39 A 335-651 order
       Region 5d39 A 652-658 disorder
Seq 783-814 Hetero dimer : IID00083Complex
 Evidence NMR 5nwm B Reference
       Region 5nwm B 783-814 order
       Region 5nwm B 783-784 high_rmsd
       Region 5nwm B 809-814 high_rmsd
Seq 783-814 Hetero dimer : IID50084Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 1oj5 B Reference
       Region 1oj5 B 795-808 order
 Evidence X-RAY 5nwx B Reference
       Region 5nwx B 783-793 disorder
       Region 5nwx B 794-808 order
       Region 5nwx B 809-814 disorder
Seqdisorder 783-814
 Evidence NMR Reference
       Region 783-814 disorder
SeqProS verified 795-808 Hetero dimer : IID50084Complex
       Region 1oj5 B 795-808 order
       Region 5nwx B 794-808 order
       Region 783-814 disorder
SeqProS verified 795-808 Hetero dimer : IID00083Complex
       Region 5nwm B 783-814 order
       Region 783-814 disorder
    641-641 Phosphotyrosine; by JAK
    641-641 Phosphotyrosine; by JAK
    2-2 N-acetylserine
    2-2 N-acetylserine
Disorder 1-1,113-124,632-847
Known Domain 2-112,125-631
     1bgfA 1-110 2e-20
     1bg1A1 101-273 4e-11
     1bg1A2 272-527 1e-48
     1uurA3 527-643 6e-28
SCOP Hmmer
     1bgfA_ 1-115 1.6e-27
     1bg1A1 112-273 1.3e-28
     1bf5A2 265-528 1.6e-83
     1bg1A3 529-648 2.3e-37
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF02865 2-113 1e-21 STAT protein, protein interac...
     PF01017 123-242 9e-10 STAT protein, all-alpha dom...
     PF02864 277-413 1e-30 STAT protein, DNA binding d...
     PF14596 655-847 7e-86 STAT6 C-terminal
Pfam Hmmer
    PF02865 2-113 2.5e-24 STAT protein, protein intera...
    PF01017 180-244 5.2e-16 STAT protein, all-alpha do...
    PF02864 277-413 2.8e-41 STAT protein, DNA binding ...
    PF00017 538-616 4.4e-14 SH2 domain
    PF14596 655-847 4.5e-114 STAT6 C-terminal