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IID00110  Nuclear receptor coactivator 3 (Homo sapiens) Q9Y6Q9
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 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 618-629 Hetero dimer : IID00020Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 3l3x B Reference
       Region 3l3x B 618-629 order
Seq 735-746 Hetero dimer : IID00020Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 3l3z B Reference
       Region 3l3z B 735-746 order
Seqdisorder 1018-1088
 Evidence NMR Reference
       Region 1018-1088 disorder
Seq 1045-1091 Hetero dimer : IID50008Complex
 Evidence NMR 1kbh A Reference
       Region 1kbh A 1045-1091 order
SeqProS possible 618-629 LXXLL motif Hetero dimer : IID00020Complex
       Region 3l3x B 618-629 order
SeqProS possible 735-746 LXXLL motif Hetero dimer : IID00020Complex
       Region 3l3z B 735-746 order
SeqProS verified 1045-1091 Hetero dimer : IID50008Complex
       Region 1kbh A 1045-1091 order
       Region 1018-1088 disorder
    214-214 Phosphoserine
    551-551 Phosphoserine
    569-569 Phosphoserine
    601-601 Phosphoserine; by CK1
    694-694 Phosphoserine
    728-728 Phosphoserine
    857-857 Phosphoserine
    860-860 Phosphoserine
    867-867 Phosphoserine
    1033-1033 Phosphoserine
    1330-1330 Phosphoserine
    2-2 N-acetylserine
    616-616 N6-acetyllysine; by CREBBP
    619-619 N6-acetyllysine; by CREBBP
    620-620 N6-acetyllysine; by CREBBP
    687-687 N6-acetyllysine
Disorder 1-33,368-1044,1092-1424
Known Domain 34-367,1045-1091
     1a0aA 34-88 2e-04 a.38.1.1 Mad protein
     4wn5A1 124-173 1e-05 d.110.3.0 automated matches
     1oj5A 265-372 9e-34 d.110.3.8 PAS domain of steroid receptor coactiv...
     1kbhA 1045-1091 5e-16 a.153.1.1 Nuclear receptor coactivator 1, NCOA...
     1f5nA1 1170-1279 1e-05 a.114.1.1 Interferon-induced guanylate-bindin...
SCOP Hmmer
     1am9A_ 34-90 3e-08 a.38.1.1 Mad protein
     1oj5A_ 121-186 3.9e-15 d.110.3.8 PAS domain of ...
     1oj5A_ 265-370 3.7e-19 d.110.3.8 PAS domain of ...
     2c52B1 1042-1090 1.4e-19 a.153.1.1 Nuclear rece...
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF14598 265-372 3e-25 PAS domain
     PF16665 460-570 3e-14 Unstructured region on nucl...
     PF08832 616-704 8e-17 Steroid receptor coactivato...
     PF16279 723-810 5e-18 Domain of unknown function ...
     PF08815 1045-1087 2e-13 Nuclear receptor coactiva...
     PF13779 1136-1283 8e-07 Domain of unknown functio...
     PF07469 1291-1348 7e-11 Domain of unknown functio...
Pfam Hmmer
    PF00989 116-173 1.1e-11 PAS fold
    PF14598 265-374 1.5e-35 PAS domain
    PF16665 459-570 6.9e-47 Unstructured region on nuc...
    PF08832 616-704 3.6e-32 Steroid receptor coactivat...
    PF16279 723-810 1e-35 Domain of unknown function (...
    PF08815 1045-1092 3.3e-28 Nuclear receptor coactiv...
    PF07469 1291-1348 4.4e-27 Domain of unknown functi...