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IID00267  Dystrophin (Homo sapiens) P11532
  :order  :disorder  :conflict  :PDB cluster  :ProS  :SCOP Domain  :Pfam Domain
 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 1-246 Homo tetramer :
 Evidence X-RAY 1dxx A Reference
       Region 1dxx A 1-8 disorder
       Region 1dxx A 9-246 order
 Evidence X-RAY 1dxx B Reference
       Region 1dxx B 1-8 disorder
       Region 1dxx B 9-246 order
 Evidence X-RAY 1dxx C Reference
       Region 1dxx C 1-8 disorder
       Region 1dxx C 9-246 order
 Evidence X-RAY 1dxx D Reference
       Region 1dxx D 1-8 disorder
       Region 1dxx D 9-246 order
Seq 338-456 Monomer :
 Evidence X-RAY 3uun A Reference
       Region 3uun A 338-453 order
       Region 3uun A 454-456 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 3uun B Reference
       Region 3uun B 338-338 disorder
       Region 3uun B 339-452 order
       Region 3uun B 453-456 disorder
Seq 3046-3306 Monomer :
 Evidence X-RAY 1eg3 A Reference
       Region 1eg3 A 3046-3046 disorder
       Region 1eg3 A 3047-3306 order
Seq 3046-3306 Hetero dimer : IID00278Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 1eg4 A Reference
       Region 1eg4 A 3046-3046 disorder
       Region 1eg4 A 3047-3306 order
    3483-3483 Phosphoserine
    3490-3490 Phosphoserine
    3500-3500 Phosphoserine
    3612-3612 Phosphoserine
    3613-3613 Phosphoserine
    3617-3617 Phosphoserine
    3623-3623 Phosphoserine
    3624-3624 Phosphoserine
    3666-3666 Phosphoserine
Disorder 1-8,247-337,454-454,669-719,932-941,1417-1443,1483-1534,1685-1780,2230-2290,2346-2471,3042-3046,3373-3685
Known Domain 9-246,338-453,455-668,720-931,942-1416,1535-1684,1781-2229,2472-3041,3047-3372
Cryptic Domain 1444-1482,2291-2345
     1rt8A 3-238 2e-58 a.40.1.1 Actin binding domain of plectin
     1s35A2 349-446 3e-06 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1s35A1 455-558 2e-06 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     3f31A 1023-1152 7e-06 a.7.1.0 automated matches
     4g7hD 1382-1721 4e-04 e.29.1.2 RBP1
     3f31A 1845-1965 2e-05 a.7.1.0 automated matches
     1u5pA2 2108-2207 4e-04 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     3f31A 2178-2313 2e-06 a.7.1.0 automated matches
     1quuA1 2475-2580 2e-08 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1s35A1 2692-2801 5e-09 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     3f31A 2905-3040 5e-06 a.7.1.0 automated matches
     1eg3A3 3047-3084 1e-16 b.72.1.1 Amyloid beta A4 precursor protein-bi...
     1eg3A1 3085-3209 2e-45 a.39.1.7 alpha-Actinin
     1eg3A2 3210-3306 3e-33 a.39.1.7 alpha-Actinin
     2dipA1 3299-3353 7e-08 g.44.1.6 CREB-binding protein, CBP
SCOP Hmmer
     1rt8A_ 8-236 1.6e-80 a.40.1.1 Actin binding dom...
     1quuA1 336-446 1.3e-19 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1quuA1 455-558 4.4e-17 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 522-660 1.6e-17 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1quuA1 720-827 3e-12 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 776-931 3.4e-12 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1quuA1 942-1046 2e-14 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 999-1152 1.2e-24 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 1103-1263 2.7e-21 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 1213-1367 3.7e-19 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1quuA1 1460-1570 5.9e-14 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 1519-1674 2.7e-17 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 1628-1772 1.8e-15 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 1823-1967 8.2e-14 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1s35A1 2000-2099 7.5e-08 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 2051-2208 7.9e-25 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 2159-2316 2.2e-23 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 2284-2421 6.5e-10 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1quuA2 2469-2580 2e-17 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 2525-2680 3.8e-21 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1quuA1 2683-2807 9.4e-17 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 2752-2878 2.5e-18 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1owaA_ 2901-3039 1.6e-18 a.7.1.1 alpha-actinin
     1eg3A3 3047-3084 6.7e-13 b.72.1.1 Amyloid beta ...
     1eg3A1 3085-3208 5.1e-55 a.39.1.7 alpha-Actinin
     1eg3A2 3210-3306 5.7e-43 a.39.1.7 alpha-Actinin
     2dipA1 3286-3374 7.5e-24 g.44.1.6 CREB-binding ...
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF00307 18-117 1e-05 Calponin homology (CH) domai...
     PF00307 137-236 2e-05 Calponin homology (CH) doma...
     PF12128 951-1733 8e-16 Protein of unknown functio...
     PF12128 2206-3044 7e-10 Protein of unknown functi...
     PF00397 3060-3086 2e-05 WW domain
     PF09068 3090-3207 3e-39 EF hand
     PF09069 3211-3302 6e-29 EF-hand
     PF00569 3309-3350 4e-12 Zinc finger, ZZ type
     PF16769 3520-3671 2e-04 MCM3AP domain of GANP
Pfam Hmmer
    PF00307 16-119 2.4e-24 Calponin homology (CH) doma...
    PF00307 136-239 2.2e-23 Calponin homology (CH) dom...
    PF00435 340-446 9.8e-21 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 450-556 4.4e-19 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 727-827 9.8e-10 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 832-933 6.9e-11 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 943-1045 2.9e-10 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 1049-1153 3.2e-20 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 1162-1263 2e-15 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 1572-1675 3e-13 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 1679-1776 4.4e-15 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 1877-1977 1.5e-11 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 2000-2097 8.3e-09 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 2105-2208 6.9e-17 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 2213-2317 1.8e-15 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 2473-2577 4.1e-12 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 2584-2686 2.8e-14 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 2690-2800 1.9e-10 Spectrin repeat
    PF00435 2935-3040 1e-16 Spectrin repeat
    PF00397 3059-3086 2.9e-12 WW domain
    PF09068 3090-3207 1.5e-43 EF hand
    PF09069 3211-3302 5.4e-42 EF-hand
    PF00569 3308-3352 5.5e-22 Zinc finger, ZZ type