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IID00411  cAMP-dependent protein kinase type II-alpha regulatory subunit (Homo sapiens) P13861
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 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 1-45 Hetero trimer : IID00381Complex
 Evidence NMR 2kyg B Reference
       Region 2kyg B 1-45 order
       Region 2kyg B 1-3 high_rmsd
       Region 2kyg B 45-45 high_rmsd
 Evidence NMR 2kyg A Reference
       Region 2kyg A 1-45 order
       Region 2kyg A 1-1 high_rmsd
Seq 2-44 Hetero trimer : Q9P0M2
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 L Reference
       Region 4zp3 L 2-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 K Reference
       Region 4zp3 K 2-6 disorder
       Region 4zp3 K 7-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 J Reference
       Region 4zp3 J 2-3 disorder
       Region 4zp3 J 4-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 I Reference
       Region 4zp3 I 2-6 disorder
       Region 4zp3 I 7-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 H Reference
       Region 4zp3 H 2-3 disorder
       Region 4zp3 H 4-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 G Reference
       Region 4zp3 G 2-2 disorder
       Region 4zp3 G 3-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 F Reference
       Region 4zp3 F 2-3 disorder
       Region 4zp3 F 4-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 E Reference
       Region 4zp3 E 2-5 disorder
       Region 4zp3 E 6-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 D Reference
       Region 4zp3 D 2-3 disorder
       Region 4zp3 D 4-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 C Reference
       Region 4zp3 C 2-5 disorder
       Region 4zp3 C 6-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 B Reference
       Region 4zp3 B 2-5 disorder
       Region 4zp3 B 6-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zp3 A Reference
       Region 4zp3 A 2-44 order
Seq 4-44 Hetero trimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 2izx A Reference
       Region 2izx A 4-5 disorder
       Region 2izx A 6-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 2izx B Reference
       Region 2izx B 4-44 order
Seq 5-44 Homo dimer : P38507
 Evidence X-RAY 5xby D Reference
       Region 5xby D 5-44 order
 Evidence X-RAY 5xby C Reference
       Region 5xby C 5-5 disorder
       Region 5xby C 6-44 order
Seq 5-44 Hetero dimer : P38507
 Evidence X-RAY 5xby A Reference
       Region 5xby A 5-5 disorder
       Region 5xby A 6-43 order
       Region 5xby A 44-44 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5xby B Reference
       Region 5xby B 5-44 order
Seq 5-49 Homo dimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 5h78 B Reference
       Region 5h78 B 5-5 disorder
       Region 5h78 B 6-49 order
 Evidence X-RAY 5h78 A Reference
       Region 5h78 A 5-5 disorder
       Region 5h78 A 6-49 order
    395-395 Phosphoserine
    215-215 Phosphothreonine; by PDPK1
    350-350 Phosphoserine
    99-99 Phosphoserine; by PKA
    58-58 Phosphoserine
    78-78 Phosphoserine
    80-80 Phosphoserine
    48-48 Phosphoserine
    54-54 Phosphothreonine
    350-350 Phosphoserine
    395-395 Phosphoserine
    80-80 Phosphoserine
    99-99 Phosphoserine; by PKA
    215-215 Phosphothreonine; by PDPK1
    58-58 Phosphoserine
    78-78 Phosphoserine
    54-54 Phosphothreonine
    48-48 Phosphoserine
    2-2 N-acetylserine
    2-2 N-acetylserine
Disorder 1-8,397-404
Known Domain 9-396
     2izxA 6-44 3e-14
     3pnaA 117-248 1e-52
     1cx4A2 253-399 5e-58
SCOP Hmmer
     1r2aA_ 2-43 2.8e-15 Dimerization-anchoring dom...
     1cx4A1 120-250 1.1e-34
     1cx4A2 254-394 9.4e-37
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF02197 12-45 1e-08 Regulatory subunit of type II...
     PF00027 160-241 2e-08 Cyclic nucleotide-binding d...
     PF00027 282-371 4e-10 Cyclic nucleotide-binding d...
Pfam Hmmer
    PF02197 9-45 1.5e-20 Regulatory subunit of type II...
    PF00027 158-243 8.7e-21 Cyclic nucleotide-binding ...
    PF00027 280-371 3.1e-25 Cyclic nucleotide-binding ...