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IID00464  Forkhead box protein O1 (Homo sapiens) Q12778
  :order  :disorder  :conflict  :PDB cluster  :ProS  :SCOP Domain  :Pfam Domain
 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 143-270 Hetero dimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 4lg0 A Reference
       Region 4lg0 A 143-155 disorder
       Region 4lg0 A 156-244 order
       Region 4lg0 A 245-270 disorder
Seq 151-259 Homo dimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 5dui A Reference
       Region 5dui A 151-159 disorder
       Region 5dui A 160-245 order
       Region 5dui A 246-259 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5dui B Reference
       Region 5dui B 151-160 disorder
       Region 5dui B 161-245 order
       Region 5dui B 246-259 disorder
Seq 151-266 Monomer :
 Evidence X-RAY 3co6 C Reference
       Region 3co6 C 151-153 disorder
       Region 3co6 C 154-244 order
       Region 3co6 C 245-249 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 3co7 C Reference
       Region 3co7 C 151-154 disorder
       Region 3co7 C 155-241 order
       Region 3co7 C 242-266 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 3co7 F Reference
       Region 3co7 F 151-154 disorder
       Region 3co7 F 155-241 order
       Region 3co7 F 242-266 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 3coa C Reference
       Region 3coa C 151-155 disorder
       Region 3coa C 156-241 order
       Region 3coa C 242-266 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 3coa F Reference
       Region 3coa F 151-154 disorder
       Region 3coa F 155-241 order
       Region 3coa F 242-266 disorder
    24-24 Phosphothreonine; by PKB/AKT1 or PKB/AKT2 and SGK1
    212-212 Phosphoserine; by STK4/MST1
    218-218 Phosphoserine; by STK4/MST1
    234-234 Phosphoserine; by STK4/MST1
    235-235 Phosphoserine; by STK4/MST1
    249-249 Phosphoserine; by CDK1
    256-256 Phosphoserine; by PKB/AKT1 and SGK1
    287-287 Phosphoserine
    298-298 Phosphoserine
    319-319 Phosphoserine; by PKB/AKT1
    322-322 Phosphoserine; by CK1 and SGK1
    325-325 Phosphoserine; by CK1
    329-329 Phosphoserine; by DYRK1A
    333-333 Phosphothreonine
    245-245 N6-acetyllysine
    248-248 N6-acetyllysine
    262-262 N6-acetyllysine
    265-265 N6-acetyllysine
    274-274 N6-acetyllysine
Disorder 1-153,245-655
Known Domain 154-244
     3l2cA 156-240 8e-43 a.4.5.14 Adipocyte-transcription factor FREAC-1...
SCOP Hmmer
     1e17A_ 156-242 1.9e-33 a.4.5.14 Adipocyte-trans...
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF00250 162-242 1e-05 Forkhead domain
     PF16675 423-501 1e-11 KIX-binding domain of forkh...
     PF16676 595-633 4e-12 Transactivation domain of F...
Pfam Hmmer
    PF00250 162-243 4.3e-30 Forkhead domain
    PF16675 423-504 1.8e-33 KIX-binding domain of fork...
    PF16676 595-633 8.2e-23 Transactivation domain of ...