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IID00531  Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6 (Homo sapiens) O75581
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 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 20-326 Hetero dimer : IID00584Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 3sov A Reference
       Region 3sov A 20-325 order
       Region 3sov A 326-326 disorder
Seq 20-326 Hetero dimer : IID00532Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 3soq A Reference
       Region 3soq A 20-324 order
       Region 3soq A 325-326 disorder
Seq 20-335 Hetero trimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 3sob B Reference
       Region 3sob B 20-324 order
       Region 3sob B 325-335 disorder
Seq 20-635 Monomer :
 Evidence X-RAY 3s94 B Reference
       Region 3s94 B 20-22 disorder
       Region 3s94 B 23-35 order
       Region 3s94 B 36-45 disorder
       Region 3s94 B 46-81 order
       Region 3s94 B 82-85 disorder
       Region 3s94 B 86-220 order
       Region 3s94 B 221-226 disorder
       Region 3s94 B 227-264 order
       Region 3s94 B 265-268 disorder
       Region 3s94 B 269-629 order
       Region 3s94 B 630-630 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 3s94 A Reference
       Region 3s94 A 20-20 disorder
       Region 3s94 A 21-37 order
       Region 3s94 A 38-46 disorder
       Region 3s94 A 47-80 order
       Region 3s94 A 81-85 disorder
       Region 3s94 A 86-217 order
       Region 3s94 A 218-226 disorder
       Region 3s94 A 227-630 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4dg6 A Reference
       Region 4dg6 A 20-635 order
Seq 629-1244 Monomer :
 Evidence X-RAY 3s8z A Reference
       Region 3s8z A 629-1004 order
       Region 3s8z A 1005-1013 disorder
       Region 3s8z A 1014-1243 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4a0p A Reference
       Region 4a0p A 629-629 disorder
       Region 4a0p A 630-1004 order
       Region 4a0p A 1005-1012 disorder
       Region 4a0p A 1013-1244 order
Seq 629-1246 Hetero trimer : IID00532Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 3s8v B Reference
       Region 3s8v B 629-630 disorder
       Region 3s8v B 631-1004 order
       Region 3s8v B 1005-1013 disorder
       Region 3s8v B 1014-1243 order
 Evidence X-RAY 3s8v A Reference
       Region 3s8v A 629-908 order
       Region 3s8v A 909-910 disorder
       Region 3s8v A 911-952 order
       Region 3s8v A 953-954 disorder
       Region 3s8v A 955-1005 order
       Region 3s8v A 1006-1013 disorder
       Region 3s8v A 1014-1172 order
       Region 3s8v A 1173-1175 disorder
       Region 3s8v A 1176-1243 order
 Evidence X-RAY 3s2k B Reference
       Region 3s2k B 630-1005 order
       Region 3s2k B 1006-1012 disorder
       Region 3s2k B 1013-1246 order
 Evidence X-RAY 3s2k A Reference
       Region 3s2k A 630-1005 order
       Region 3s2k A 1006-1012 disorder
       Region 3s2k A 1013-1246 order
Seq 630-1246 Hetero trimer : IID00532Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 5fww A Reference
       Region 5fww A 630-1005 order
       Region 5fww A 1006-1012 disorder
       Region 5fww A 1013-1246 order
Seqdisorder 1565-1575
 Evidence X-RAY 5air A This region is the chimera protein. Reference
       Region 5air A 1565-1575 disorder
Seqdisorder 1565-1575
 Evidence X-RAY 5air B This region is the chimera protein. Reference
       Region 5air B 1565-1575 disorder
Seq 1568-1575 Hetero trimer : IID00052Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 4nm5 C Reference
       Region 4nm5 C 1568-1568 disorder
       Region 4nm5 C 1569-1574 order
       Region 4nm5 C 1575-1575 disorder
Seq 1603-1610 Hetero trimer : IID00052Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 4nm7 C Reference
       Region 4nm7 C 1603-1603 disorder
       Region 4nm7 C 1604-1609 order
       Region 4nm7 C 1610-1610 disorder
    1493-1493 Phosphothreonine; by CK1
    1490-1490 Phosphoserine; by CDK14
    1430-1430 Phosphoserine; by CK1
    1479-1479 Phosphothreonine
    1420-1420 Phosphoserine; by CK1
    1493-1493 Phosphothreonine; by CK1
    1490-1490 Phosphoserine; by CDK14
    1479-1479 Phosphothreonine
    1430-1430 Phosphoserine; by CK1
    1420-1420 Phosphoserine; by CK1
Disorder 1-20,1245-1247,1325-1325,1366-1370,1394-1613
Known Domain 21-1244,1248-1324,1326-1365,1371-1393
     1ijqA1 21-282 e-118
     1ijqA2 281-323 3e-15
     1npeA 331-582 e-113
     1ijqA2 590-628 2e-12
     1ijqA1 632-887 e-112
     1ijqA2 891-929 3e-11
     1npeA 934-1194 4e-62
     1ijqA2 1206-1243 4e-07
     1v9u5 1249-1285 3e-11
     2fcwB1 1288-1324 7e-11
     2fcwB1 1326-1360 1e-09
SCOP Hmmer
     1ijqA1 21-280 1.3e-55
     1kliL_ 283-325 4.7e-09
     1ijqA1 331-577 3.5e-51
     1kliL_ 587-634 9e-12
     1ijqA1 632-887 3.3e-58
     1kliL_ 889-936 6.1e-13
     1ijqA1 935-1194 9.4e-41
     1kliL_ 1204-1257 2.6e-08
     1jrfA_ 1246-1286 3.9e-11 LDL receptor-like mod...
     1d2lA_ 1287-1323 1.2e-10
     1n7dA7 1325-1363 2e-11
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF00058 108-147 4e-11 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF00058 150-191 4e-15 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF00058 195-233 2e-07 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF14670 286-323 3e-07 Coagulation Factor Xa inhib...
     PF00058 372-412 8e-08 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF00058 415-455 9e-12 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF00058 458-499 1e-15 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF00058 502-544 4e-06 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF14670 592-627 1e-08 Coagulation Factor Xa inhib...
     PF00058 674-714 3e-08 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF00058 718-757 4e-11 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF00058 760-800 4e-09 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF00058 803-839 3e-06 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF00058 843-883 4e-05 Low-density lipoprotein rec...
     PF14670 892-929 2e-08 Coagulation Factor Xa inhib...
     PF00058 1069-1110 5e-07 Low-density lipoprotein r...
     PF00058 1114-1153 9e-07 Low-density lipoprotein r...
     PF14670 1207-1243 2e-04 Coagulation Factor Xa inh...
     PF00057 1247-1285 7e-08 Low-density lipoprotein r...
     PF00057 1288-1322 8e-10 Low-density lipoprotein r...
     PF00057 1326-1360 3e-09 Low-density lipoprotein r...
     PF03154 1403-1608 6e-06 Atrophin-1 family
Pfam Hmmer
    PF00058 107-147 6e-15 Low-density lipoprotein rece...
    PF00058 150-191 6.7e-17 Low-density lipoprotein re...
    PF00058 194-233 3.3e-10 Low-density lipoprotein re...
    PF14670 286-323 2e-14 Coagulation Factor Xa inhibi...
    PF00058 372-412 1.2e-08 Low-density lipoprotein re...
    PF00058 415-455 7.4e-15 Low-density lipoprotein re...
    PF00058 458-499 3.8e-16 Low-density lipoprotein re...
    PF14670 592-627 1.9e-15 Coagulation Factor Xa inhi...
    PF00058 674-714 1.2e-09 Low-density lipoprotein re...
    PF00058 718-757 1.6e-12 Low-density lipoprotein re...
    PF00058 760-800 5.8e-11 Low-density lipoprotein re...
    PF14670 893-929 2.7e-14 Coagulation Factor Xa inhi...
    PF00058 1069-1110 4.2e-09 Low-density lipoprotein ...
    PF00058 1114-1153 4.9e-09 Low-density lipoprotein ...
    PF14670 1207-1243 1.2e-11 Coagulation Factor Xa in...
    PF00057 1248-1285 2e-14 Low-density lipoprotein re...
    PF00057 1288-1322 3.9e-14 Low-density lipoprotein ...
    PF00057 1326-1360 7.7e-13 Low-density lipoprotein ...