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IID00537  Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase C (Homo sapiens) P08575
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 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 225-394 Monomer :
 Evidence X-RAY 5fn7 A Reference
       Region 5fn7 A 225-390 order
       Region 5fn7 A 391-394 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5fn7 B Reference
       Region 5fn7 B 225-389 order
       Region 5fn7 B 390-394 disorder
Seq 225-573 Monomer :
 Evidence X-RAY 5fmv A Reference
       Region 5fmv A 225-225 disorder
       Region 5fmv A 226-573 order
 Evidence X-RAY 5fmv B Reference
       Region 5fmv B 225-227 disorder
       Region 5fmv B 228-573 order
 Evidence X-RAY 5fn6 A Reference
       Region 5fn6 A 225-226 disorder
       Region 5fn6 A 227-261 order
       Region 5fn6 A 262-264 disorder
       Region 5fn6 A 265-481 order
Seq 624-1233 Hetero dimer : IID90016Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 1ygu A Reference
       Region 1ygu A 624-988 order
       Region 1ygu A 989-1014 disorder
       Region 1ygu A 1015-1152 order
       Region 1ygu A 1153-1162 disorder
       Region 1ygu A 1163-1230 order
       Region 1ygu A 1231-1233 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 1ygu B Reference
       Region 1ygu B 624-624 disorder
       Region 1ygu B 625-990 order
       Region 1ygu B 991-1014 disorder
       Region 1ygu B 1015-1230 order
       Region 1ygu B 1231-1233 disorder
Seq 624-1233 Hetero dimer : IID00544Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 1ygr A Reference
       Region 1ygr A 624-988 order
       Region 1ygr A 989-1014 disorder
       Region 1ygr A 1015-1152 order
       Region 1ygr A 1153-1159 disorder
       Region 1ygr A 1160-1230 order
       Region 1ygr A 1231-1233 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 1ygr B Reference
       Region 1ygr B 624-624 disorder
       Region 1ygr B 625-990 order
       Region 1ygr B 991-1014 disorder
       Region 1ygr B 1015-1149 order
       Region 1ygr B 1150-1160 disorder
       Region 1ygr B 1161-1233 order
    683-683 Phosphotyrosine
    975-975 Phosphoserine
    994-994 Phosphoserine
    997-997 Phosphoserine
    1001-1001 Phosphoserine
    1004-1004 Phosphoserine
    1005-1005 Phosphoserine
    1009-1009 Phosphoserine
    1299-1299 Phosphoserine
Disorder 1-31,214-409,566-623,1231-1306
Known Domain 32-213,410-565,624-1230
     2cuhA1 410-494 6e-06 b.1.2.1 Brother of CDO precursor (BOC)
     1wfnA1 477-565 3e-05 b.1.2.1 Brother of CDO precursor (BOC)
     4ikcA1 632-912 e-133 c.45.1.0 automated matches
     1larA2 963-1225 5e-76 c.45.1.2 Protein-tyrosine phosphatase alpha
SCOP Hmmer
     2dtgE2 314-462 2e-08 b.1.2.1 Brother of CDO pre...
     2dtgE2 391-564 1.1e-19 b.1.2.1 Brother of CDO p...
     1yfoA_ 632-912 8.1e-104 c.45.1.2 Protein-tyrosi...
     1wchA_ 923-1227 1.6e-84 c.45.1.2 Protein-tyrosi...
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF17823 27-240 1e-09 Family of unknown function (...
     PF12567 237-295 6e-21 Leukocyte receptor CD45
     PF00102 679-911 7e-07 Protein-tyrosine phosphatas...
     PF00102 969-1226 1e-05 Protein-tyrosine phosphata...
Pfam Hmmer
    PF12453 7-32 1.6e-19 Protein tyrosine phosphatase ...
    PF12567 237-295 1.3e-29 Leukocyte receptor CD45
    PF00041 395-462 3.9e-10 Fibronectin type III domai...
    PF00041 486-564 3e-09 Fibronectin type III domain
    PF00102 677-910 4.2e-85 Protein-tyrosine phosphata...
    PF00102 968-1226 1.5e-79 Protein-tyrosine phosphat...