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IID00721  Serine/threonine-protein kinase 3 (Homo sapiens) Q13188
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 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 9-313,428-491 Hetero dimer : IID00631Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 4lgd B Reference
       Region 4lgd B 9-9 disorder
       Region 4lgd B 10-313 order
       Region 4lgd B 428-442 disorder
       Region 4lgd B 443-488 order
       Region 4lgd B 489-491 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4lgd D Reference
       Region 4lgd D 9-10 disorder
       Region 4lgd D 11-313 order
       Region 4lgd D 428-454 disorder
       Region 4lgd D 455-489 order
       Region 4lgd D 490-491 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4lgd C Reference
       Region 4lgd C 9-11 disorder
       Region 4lgd C 12-32 order
       Region 4lgd C 33-39 disorder
       Region 4lgd C 40-313 order
       Region 4lgd C 428-436 disorder
       Region 4lgd C 437-490 order
       Region 4lgd C 491-491 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4lgd A Reference
       Region 4lgd A 9-15 disorder
       Region 4lgd A 16-313 order
       Region 4lgd A 428-436 disorder
       Region 4lgd A 437-488 order
       Region 4lgd A 489-491 disorder
Seq 15-313 Homo dimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 5dh3 B Reference
       Region 5dh3 B 15-17 disorder
       Region 5dh3 B 18-302 order
       Region 5dh3 B 303-313 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5dh3 A Reference
       Region 5dh3 A 15-18 disorder
       Region 5dh3 A 19-307 order
       Region 5dh3 A 308-313 disorder
Seq 16-313 Monomer :
 Evidence X-RAY 4lg4 F Reference
       Region 4lg4 F 16-17 disorder
       Region 4lg4 F 18-165 order
       Region 4lg4 F 166-182 disorder
       Region 4lg4 F 183-310 order
       Region 4lg4 F 311-313 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4lg4 E Reference
       Region 4lg4 E 16-17 disorder
       Region 4lg4 E 18-33 order
       Region 4lg4 E 34-38 disorder
       Region 4lg4 E 39-58 order
       Region 4lg4 E 59-63 disorder
       Region 4lg4 E 64-173 order
       Region 4lg4 E 174-179 disorder
       Region 4lg4 E 180-308 order
       Region 4lg4 E 309-313 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4lg4 D Reference
       Region 4lg4 D 16-25 disorder
       Region 4lg4 D 26-36 order
       Region 4lg4 D 37-38 disorder
       Region 4lg4 D 39-47 order
       Region 4lg4 D 48-51 disorder
       Region 4lg4 D 52-57 order
       Region 4lg4 D 58-62 disorder
       Region 4lg4 D 63-91 order
       Region 4lg4 D 92-95 disorder
       Region 4lg4 D 96-164 order
       Region 4lg4 D 165-182 disorder
       Region 4lg4 D 183-308 order
       Region 4lg4 D 309-313 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4lg4 C Reference
       Region 4lg4 C 16-17 disorder
       Region 4lg4 C 18-36 order
       Region 4lg4 C 37-38 disorder
       Region 4lg4 C 39-307 order
       Region 4lg4 C 308-313 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4lg4 B Reference
       Region 4lg4 B 16-17 disorder
       Region 4lg4 B 18-35 order
       Region 4lg4 B 36-38 disorder
       Region 4lg4 B 39-166 order
       Region 4lg4 B 167-170 disorder
       Region 4lg4 B 171-308 order
       Region 4lg4 B 309-313 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4lg4 A Reference
       Region 4lg4 A 16-17 disorder
       Region 4lg4 A 18-35 order
       Region 4lg4 A 36-37 disorder
       Region 4lg4 A 38-308 order
       Region 4lg4 A 309-313 disorder
Seq 16-313,428-491 Hetero dimer : Q9H4B6
 Evidence X-RAY 6ao5 A Reference
       Region 6ao5 A 16-27 disorder
       Region 6ao5 A 28-46 order
       Region 6ao5 A 47-51 disorder
       Region 6ao5 A 52-57 order
       Region 6ao5 A 58-62 disorder
       Region 6ao5 A 63-90 order
       Region 6ao5 A 91-94 disorder
       Region 6ao5 A 95-168 order
       Region 6ao5 A 169-180 disorder
       Region 6ao5 A 181-313 order
       Region 6ao5 A 428-488 order
       Region 6ao5 A 489-491 disorder
Seq 371-401 Hetero pentadecamer : IID00737Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 5brm L Reference
       Region 5brm L 371-377 disorder
       Region 5brm L 378-382 order
       Region 5brm L 383-390 disorder
       Region 5brm L 391-397 order
       Region 5brm L 398-401 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5brm K Reference
       Region 5brm K 371-377 disorder
       Region 5brm K 378-380 order
       Region 5brm K 381-390 disorder
       Region 5brm K 391-398 order
       Region 5brm K 399-401 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5brm J Reference
       Region 5brm J 371-377 disorder
       Region 5brm J 378-382 order
       Region 5brm J 383-390 disorder
       Region 5brm J 391-398 order
       Region 5brm J 399-401 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5brm I Reference
       Region 5brm I 371-377 disorder
       Region 5brm I 378-381 order
       Region 5brm I 382-390 disorder
       Region 5brm I 391-398 order
       Region 5brm I 399-401 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5brm H Reference
       Region 5brm H 371-376 disorder
       Region 5brm H 377-382 order
       Region 5brm H 383-388 disorder
       Region 5brm H 389-399 order
       Region 5brm H 400-401 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5brm O Reference
       Region 5brm O 371-385 disorder
       Region 5brm O 386-393 order
       Region 5brm O 394-401 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5brm N Reference
       Region 5brm N 371-384 disorder
       Region 5brm N 385-396 order
       Region 5brm N 397-401 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5brm M Reference
       Region 5brm M 371-379 disorder
       Region 5brm M 380-396 order
       Region 5brm M 397-401 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5brm G Reference
       Region 5brm G 371-376 disorder
       Region 5brm G 377-398 order
       Region 5brm G 399-401 disorder
Seq 436-484 Homo dimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 3wws D Reference
       Region 3wws D 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 3wws C Reference
       Region 3wws C 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 3wws B Reference
       Region 3wws B 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 3wws A Reference
       Region 3wws A 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4oh9 B Reference
       Region 4oh9 B 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4oh9 A Reference
       Region 4oh9 A 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4l0n J Reference
       Region 4l0n J 436-436 disorder
       Region 4l0n J 437-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4l0n I Reference
       Region 4l0n I 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4l0n H Reference
       Region 4l0n H 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4l0n G Reference
       Region 4l0n G 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4l0n F Reference
       Region 4l0n F 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4l0n E Reference
       Region 4l0n E 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4l0n D Reference
       Region 4l0n D 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4l0n C Reference
       Region 4l0n C 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4l0n B Reference
       Region 4l0n B 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4l0n A Reference
       Region 4l0n A 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4hkd D Reference
       Region 4hkd D 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4hkd C Reference
       Region 4hkd C 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4hkd B Reference
       Region 4hkd B 436-484 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4hkd A Reference
       Region 4hkd A 436-484 order
SeqProS predicted 377-398 The unbound state of this region is predicted to be disordered by DICHOT and MobiDB. Hetero pentadecamer : IID00737Complex
       Region 5brm G 377-398 order
    385-385 Phosphoserine
    444-444 Phosphoserine
    384-384 Phosphothreonine; by PKB/AKT1
    336-336 Phosphothreonine
    316-316 Phosphoserine
    180-180 Phosphothreonine; by autocatalysis
    117-117 Phosphothreonine; by PKB/AKT1
    15-15 Phosphoserine
    444-444 Phosphoserine
    385-385 Phosphoserine
    384-384 Phosphothreonine; by PKB/AKT1
    336-336 Phosphothreonine
    316-316 Phosphoserine
    180-180 Phosphothreonine; by autocatalysis
    117-117 Phosphothreonine; by PKB/AKT1
    15-15 Phosphoserine
    1-1 N-acetylmethionine
    1-1 N-acetylmethionine
Disorder 1-21,301-491
Known Domain 22-300
     3a7iA 18-301 e-145
SCOP Hmmer
     2jflA1 24-287 7.3e-92 Protein kinase-like (PK-...
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF14531 139-228 4e-05 Kinase-like
     PF11629 437-484 1e-17 C terminal SARAH domain of ...
Pfam Hmmer
    PF00069 28-278 1.2e-74 Protein kinase domain
    PF11629 437-484 5.5e-29 C terminal SARAH domain of...