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IID50092  Paired amphipathic helix protein Sin3b (Mus musculus) Q62141
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 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 31-107 Hetero dimer : IID00169Complex
 Evidence NMR 2czy A Reference
       Region 2czy A 31-107 order
       Region 2czy A 107-107 high_rmsd
Seq 32-98 Monomer :
 Evidence NMR 2cr7 A Reference
       Region 2cr7 A 32-98 order
       Region 2cr7 A 32-35 high_rmsd
 Evidence NMR 5y95 A Reference
       Region 5y95 A 32-98 order
Seq 148-232 Hetero dimer : IID00165Complex
 Evidence NMR 1pd7 A Reference
       Region 1pd7 A 148-232 order
       Region 1pd7 A 148-149 high_rmsd
       Region 1pd7 A 191-198 high_rmsd
       Region 1pd7 A 229-232 high_rmsd
Seq 148-232 Hetero dimer : IID00165Complex
 Evidence NMR 1e91 A Reference
       Region 1e91 A 148-232 order
       Region 1e91 A 148-149 high_rmsd
       Region 1e91 A 192-198 high_rmsd
       Region 1e91 A 230-232 high_rmsd
Seq 148-252 Monomer :
 Evidence NMR 2f05 A Reference
       Region 2f05 A 148-232 order
       Region 2f05 A 148-149 high_rmsd
       Region 2f05 A 192-198 high_rmsd
       Region 2f05 A 230-232 high_rmsd
       Region 2f05 A 233-252 disorder
    670-670 Phosphoserine
    667-667 Phosphoserine
    670-670 Phosphoserine
    667-667 Phosphoserine
Disorder 1-31,101-147,233-291,362-377,473-486,589-710,855-870,936-983,1018-1062,1096-1098
Known Domain 32-100,148-232,292-361
Cryptic Domain 378-472,487-588,711-854,871-935,984-1017,1063-1095
     2rmrA 31-100 1e-28
     1s5qB 152-230 5e-24
SCOP Hmmer
     1g1eB_ 27-98 1.9e-25
     1e91A_ 149-229 1.3e-25
     1e91A_ 291-359 4.3e-17
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF02671 54-97 7e-12 Paired amphipathic helix repe...
     PF02671 174-227 8e-06 Paired amphipathic helix re...
     PF02671 314-357 5e-05 Paired amphipathic helix re...
     PF08295 386-481 5e-38 Sin3 family co-repressor
     PF16879 712-1011 1e-33 C-terminal domain of Sin3a...
Pfam Hmmer
    PF02671 54-97 6e-20 Paired amphipathic helix repea...
    PF02671 173-227 1.5e-20 Paired amphipathic helix r...
    PF02671 313-357 3.3e-09 Paired amphipathic helix r...
    PF08295 386-481 2e-46 Sin3 family co-repressor
    PF16879 712-1011 1.8e-88 C-terminal domain of Sin3...