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IID50166  DNA repair protein RAD2 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c)) P07276
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 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 1-111,732-986 Hetero tetramer :
 Evidence X-RAY 4q0r A Reference
       Region 4q0r A 1-38 order
       Region 4q0r A 2-38 order
       Region 4q0r A 39-52 disorder
       Region 4q0r A 53-92 order
       Region 4q0r A 93-111 disorder
       Region 4q0r A 732-767 disorder
       Region 4q0r A 768-982 order
       Region 4q0r A 983-986 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4q0r B Reference
       Region 4q0r B 1-34 order
       Region 4q0r B 2-34 order
       Region 4q0r B 35-52 disorder
       Region 4q0r B 53-87 order
       Region 4q0r B 88-111 disorder
       Region 4q0r B 732-767 disorder
       Region 4q0r B 768-899 order
       Region 4q0r B 900-908 disorder
       Region 4q0r B 909-983 order
       Region 4q0r B 984-986 disorder
Seq 2-111,732-986 Hetero tetramer :
 Evidence X-RAY 4q0z E Reference
       Region 4q0z E 2-46 order
       Region 4q0z E 47-48 disorder
       Region 4q0z E 49-92 order
       Region 4q0z E 93-111 disorder
       Region 4q0z E 732-764 disorder
       Region 4q0z E 765-900 order
       Region 4q0z E 901-902 disorder
       Region 4q0z E 903-925 order
       Region 4q0z E 926-927 disorder
       Region 4q0z E 928-983 order
       Region 4q0z E 984-986 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4q0z F Reference
       Region 4q0z F 2-43 order
       Region 4q0z F 44-48 disorder
       Region 4q0z F 49-94 order
       Region 4q0z F 95-111 disorder
       Region 4q0z F 732-764 disorder
       Region 4q0z F 765-983 order
       Region 4q0z F 984-986 disorder
Seq 2-111,732-986 Hetero tetramer :
 Evidence X-RAY 4q0z A Reference
       Region 4q0z A 2-104 order
       Region 4q0z A 105-111 disorder
       Region 4q0z A 765-983 order
       Region 4q0z A 984-986 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4q0z B Reference
       Region 4q0z B 2-45 order
       Region 4q0z B 46-47 disorder
       Region 4q0z B 48-90 order
       Region 4q0z B 91-111 disorder
       Region 4q0z B 732-763 disorder
       Region 4q0z B 764-983 order
       Region 4q0z B 984-986 disorder
Seq 2-111,732-986 Hetero tetramer :
 Evidence X-RAY 4q10 A Reference
       Region 4q10 A 2-43 order
       Region 4q10 A 44-49 disorder
       Region 4q10 A 50-91 order
       Region 4q10 A 50-90 order
       Region 4q10 A 91-111 disorder
       Region 4q10 A 732-764 disorder
       Region 4q10 A 765-830 order
       Region 4q10 A 831-834 disorder
       Region 4q10 A 835-985 order
       Region 4q10 A 986-986 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4q10 B Reference
       Region 4q10 B 2-44 order
       Region 4q10 B 45-48 disorder
       Region 4q10 B 49-89 order
       Region 4q10 B 90-111 disorder
       Region 4q10 B 732-764 disorder
       Region 4q10 B 765-899 order
       Region 4q10 B 900-907 disorder
       Region 4q10 B 908-983 order
       Region 4q10 B 984-986 disorder
Seq 2-111,732-986 Hetero tetramer :
 Evidence X-RAY 4q0w A Reference
       Region 4q0w A 2-45 order
       Region 4q0w A 46-47 disorder
       Region 4q0w A 48-100 order
       Region 4q0w A 101-111 disorder
       Region 4q0w A 732-764 disorder
       Region 4q0w A 765-983 order
       Region 4q0w A 984-986 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4q0w B Reference
       Region 4q0w B 2-39 order
       Region 4q0w B 40-49 disorder
       Region 4q0w B 50-93 order
       Region 4q0w B 94-111 disorder
       Region 4q0w B 732-760 disorder
       Region 4q0w B 761-898 order
       Region 4q0w B 899-904 disorder
       Region 4q0w B 905-985 order
       Region 4q0w B 986-986 disorder
Seqdisorder 642-690
 Evidence NMR Reference
       Region 642-690 disorder
Seq 642-690 Hetero dimer : IID50021Complex
 Evidence NMR 2lox B Reference
       Region 2lox B 642-660 disorder
       Region 2lox B 661-680 order
       Region 2lox B 661-664 high_rmsd
       Region 2lox B 677-680 high_rmsd
       Region 2lox B 681-690 disorder
SeqProS verified 661-680 Hetero dimer : IID50021Complex
       Region 2lox B 661-680 order
       Region 642-690 disorder
    118-118 Phosphoserine
    367-367 Phosphoserine
    583-583 Phosphoserine
Disorder 1-1,89-760,983-1031
Known Domain 2-88,761-982
     3oryA1 1-239 1e-42 c.120.1.0 automated matches
     3oryA1 755-848 2e-21 c.120.1.0 automated matches
     1ul1X1 849-1003 5e-25 a.60.7.1 5' to 3' exonuclease domain of DNA p...
SCOP Hmmer
     1ul1X2 2-864 2.5e-64 c.120.1.2 5' to 3' exonucl...
     1b43A1 849-1003 2.3e-26 a.60.7.1 5' to 3' exonu...
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF00752 34-96 2e-06 XPG N-terminal domain
     PF00867 781-864 5e-19 XPG I-region
Pfam Hmmer
    PF00752 1-97 1.3e-40 XPG N-terminal domain
    PF00867 782-864 4.3e-30 XPG I-region