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IID50236  Glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta (Mus musculus) Q9WV60
  :order  :disorder  :conflict  :PDB cluster  :ProS  :SCOP Domain  :Pfam Domain
 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 1-383 Hetero dimer : IID00007Complex
 Evidence X-RAY 4nu1 A Reference
       Region 4nu1 A 1-5 disorder
       Region 4nu1 A 6-11 order
       Region 4nu1 A 12-25 disorder
       Region 4nu1 A 26-29 order
       Region 4nu1 A 30-34 disorder
       Region 4nu1 A 35-119 order
       Region 4nu1 A 120-121 disorder
       Region 4nu1 A 122-383 order
Seq 4-420 Homo dimer :
 Evidence X-RAY 5air A Reference
       Region 5air A 4-25 disorder
       Region 5air A 26-30 order
       Region 5air A 31-33 disorder
       Region 5air A 34-290 order
       Region 5air A 291-292 disorder
       Region 5air A 293-383 order
       Region 5air A 384-420 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 5air B Reference
       Region 5air B 4-21 disorder
       Region 5air B 22-287 order
       Region 5air B 288-288 disorder
       Region 5air B 289-291 order
       Region 5air B 292-292 disorder
       Region 5air B 293-384 order
       Region 5air B 385-420 disorder
SeqProS possible 6-11,285-290 Same region of human homolog (P49841, 99%identity) is disordered in the free state. Hetero dimer : IID00007Complex
       Region 4nu1 A 6-11 order
       Region 4nu1 A 122-383 order
    9-9 Phosphoserine; by PKB/AKT1
    216-216 Phosphotyrosine
    389-389 Phosphoserine
Disorder 1-34,386-420
Known Domain 35-385
     1j1bA 35-388 0.0
SCOP Hmmer
     1h8fA_ 55-377 3.9e-91
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF06293 164-205 8e-04 Lipopolysaccharide kinase (...
     PF14531 179-248 9e-07 Kinase-like
Pfam Hmmer
    PF00069 56-340 3.1e-72 Protein kinase domain