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IID90040  CRISPR-associated endonuclease Cas9/Csn1 (Streptococcus pyogenes serotype M1) Q99ZW2
  :order  :disorder  :conflict  :PDB cluster  :ProS  :SCOP Domain  :Pfam Domain
 order/disorder by at least rule
     disorder by at least rule
     order by at least rule
 order/disorder by majority rule
Seq 1-1368 Monomer :
 Evidence X-RAY 4cmp A Reference
       Region 4cmp A 1-3 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 4-102 order
       Region 4cmp A 103-114 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 115-307 order
       Region 4cmp A 308-313 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 314-447 order
       Region 4cmp A 448-502 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 503-527 order
       Region 4cmp A 528-539 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 540-567 order
       Region 4cmp A 568-586 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 587-672 order
       Region 4cmp A 673-676 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 677-684 order
       Region 4cmp A 685-690 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 691-714 order
       Region 4cmp A 715-717 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 718-764 order
       Region 4cmp A 765-774 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 775-791 order
       Region 4cmp A 792-798 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 799-859 order
       Region 4cmp A 860-861 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 862-902 order
       Region 4cmp A 903-907 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 908-1027 order
       Region 4cmp A 1028-1035 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 1036-1102 order
       Region 4cmp A 1103-1136 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 1137-1146 order
       Region 4cmp A 1147-1158 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 1159-1186 order
       Region 4cmp A 1187-1191 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 1192-1242 order
       Region 4cmp A 1243-1258 disorder
       Region 4cmp A 1259-1363 order
       Region 4cmp A 1364-1368 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4cmp B Reference
       Region 4cmp B 1-3 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 4-103 order
       Region 4cmp B 104-115 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 116-308 order
       Region 4cmp B 309-309 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 310-447 order
       Region 4cmp B 448-501 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 502-527 order
       Region 4cmp B 528-538 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 539-570 order
       Region 4cmp B 571-586 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 587-673 order
       Region 4cmp B 674-675 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 676-713 order
       Region 4cmp B 714-717 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 718-764 order
       Region 4cmp B 765-772 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 773-791 order
       Region 4cmp B 792-799 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 800-859 order
       Region 4cmp B 860-861 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 862-902 order
       Region 4cmp B 903-907 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 908-1025 order
       Region 4cmp B 1026-1035 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 1036-1102 order
       Region 4cmp B 1103-1136 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 1137-1148 order
       Region 4cmp B 1149-1159 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 1160-1185 order
       Region 4cmp B 1186-1187 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 1188-1241 order
       Region 4cmp B 1242-1255 disorder
       Region 4cmp B 1256-1363 order
       Region 4cmp B 1364-1368 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4cmq A Reference
       Region 4cmq A 1-3 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 4-102 order
       Region 4cmq A 103-114 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 115-307 order
       Region 4cmq A 308-313 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 314-447 order
       Region 4cmq A 448-502 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 503-532 order
       Region 4cmq A 533-538 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 539-570 order
       Region 4cmq A 571-578 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 579-672 order
       Region 4cmq A 673-676 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 677-684 order
       Region 4cmq A 685-690 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 691-714 order
       Region 4cmq A 715-717 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 718-766 order
       Region 4cmq A 767-773 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 774-791 order
       Region 4cmq A 792-798 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 799-831 order
       Region 4cmq A 832-837 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 838-859 order
       Region 4cmq A 860-862 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 863-902 order
       Region 4cmq A 903-907 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 908-1026 order
       Region 4cmq A 1027-1035 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 1036-1102 order
       Region 4cmq A 1103-1136 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 1137-1146 order
       Region 4cmq A 1147-1158 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 1159-1186 order
       Region 4cmq A 1187-1191 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 1192-1242 order
       Region 4cmq A 1243-1258 disorder
       Region 4cmq A 1259-1363 order
       Region 4cmq A 1364-1368 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4cmq B Reference
       Region 4cmq B 1-3 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 4-103 order
       Region 4cmq B 104-115 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 116-308 order
       Region 4cmq B 309-309 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 310-405 order
       Region 4cmq B 406-406 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 407-447 order
       Region 4cmq B 448-501 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 502-531 order
       Region 4cmq B 532-538 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 539-570 order
       Region 4cmq B 571-586 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 587-673 order
       Region 4cmq B 674-675 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 676-713 order
       Region 4cmq B 714-717 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 718-766 order
       Region 4cmq B 767-774 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 775-791 order
       Region 4cmq B 792-797 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 798-835 order
       Region 4cmq B 836-837 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 838-859 order
       Region 4cmq B 860-862 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 863-902 order
       Region 4cmq B 903-907 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 908-1025 order
       Region 4cmq B 1026-1035 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 1036-1102 order
       Region 4cmq B 1103-1136 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 1137-1148 order
       Region 4cmq B 1149-1159 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 1160-1185 order
       Region 4cmq B 1186-1188 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 1189-1241 order
       Region 4cmq B 1242-1254 disorder
       Region 4cmq B 1255-1363 order
       Region 4cmq B 1364-1368 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4oo8 A Reference
       Region 4oo8 A 1-2 disorder
       Region 4oo8 A 3-307 order
       Region 4oo8 A 308-313 disorder
       Region 4oo8 A 314-713 order
       Region 4oo8 A 714-717 disorder
       Region 4oo8 A 718-769 order
       Region 4oo8 A 770-774 disorder
       Region 4oo8 A 775-793 order
       Region 4oo8 A 794-801 disorder
       Region 4oo8 A 802-941 order
       Region 4oo8 A 942-949 disorder
       Region 4oo8 A 950-1016 order
       Region 4oo8 A 1017-1028 disorder
       Region 4oo8 A 1029-1048 order
       Region 4oo8 A 1049-1062 disorder
       Region 4oo8 A 1063-1242 order
       Region 4oo8 A 1243-1248 disorder
       Region 4oo8 A 1249-1366 order
       Region 4oo8 A 1367-1368 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4oo8 D Reference
       Region 4oo8 D 1-2 disorder
       Region 4oo8 D 3-713 order
       Region 4oo8 D 714-717 disorder
       Region 4oo8 D 718-765 order
       Region 4oo8 D 766-918 disorder
       Region 4oo8 D 919-1012 order
       Region 4oo8 D 1013-1037 disorder
       Region 4oo8 D 1038-1047 order
       Region 4oo8 D 1048-1061 disorder
       Region 4oo8 D 1062-1243 order
       Region 4oo8 D 1244-1248 disorder
       Region 4oo8 D 1249-1366 order
       Region 4oo8 D 1367-1368 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4un3 B Reference
       Region 4un3 B 1-3 disorder
       Region 4un3 B 4-384 order
       Region 4un3 B 385-385 disorder
       Region 4un3 B 386-710 order
       Region 4un3 B 711-718 disorder
       Region 4un3 B 719-765 order
       Region 4un3 B 766-775 disorder
       Region 4un3 B 776-1012 order
       Region 4un3 B 1013-1029 disorder
       Region 4un3 B 1030-1050 order
       Region 4un3 B 1051-1058 disorder
       Region 4un3 B 1059-1241 order
       Region 4un3 B 1242-1252 disorder
       Region 4un3 B 1253-1364 order
       Region 4un3 B 1365-1368 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4un4 B Reference
       Region 4un4 B 1-3 disorder
       Region 4un4 B 4-176 order
       Region 4un4 B 177-179 disorder
       Region 4un4 B 180-712 order
       Region 4un4 B 713-717 disorder
       Region 4un4 B 718-765 order
       Region 4un4 B 766-774 disorder
       Region 4un4 B 775-1012 order
       Region 4un4 B 1013-1029 disorder
       Region 4un4 B 1030-1050 order
       Region 4un4 B 1051-1058 disorder
       Region 4un4 B 1059-1241 order
       Region 4un4 B 1242-1250 disorder
       Region 4un4 B 1251-1364 order
       Region 4un4 B 1365-1368 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4un5 B Reference
       Region 4un5 B 1-3 disorder
       Region 4un5 B 4-176 order
       Region 4un5 B 177-179 disorder
       Region 4un5 B 180-712 order
       Region 4un5 B 713-717 disorder
       Region 4un5 B 718-765 order
       Region 4un5 B 766-774 disorder
       Region 4un5 B 775-1012 order
       Region 4un5 B 1013-1029 disorder
       Region 4un5 B 1030-1050 order
       Region 4un5 B 1051-1058 disorder
       Region 4un5 B 1059-1241 order
       Region 4un5 B 1242-1250 disorder
       Region 4un5 B 1251-1364 order
       Region 4un5 B 1365-1368 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4zt0 A Reference
       Region 4zt0 A 1-2 disorder
       Region 4zt0 A 3-1366 order
       Region 4zt0 A 1367-1368 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4zt0 C Reference
       Region 4zt0 C 1-3 disorder
       Region 4zt0 C 4-766 order
       Region 4zt0 C 767-774 disorder
       Region 4zt0 C 775-801 order
       Region 4zt0 C 802-808 disorder
       Region 4zt0 C 809-831 order
       Region 4zt0 C 832-833 disorder
       Region 4zt0 C 834-866 order
       Region 4zt0 C 867-870 disorder
       Region 4zt0 C 871-884 order
       Region 4zt0 C 885-891 disorder
       Region 4zt0 C 892-899 order
       Region 4zt0 C 900-906 disorder
       Region 4zt0 C 907-946 order
       Region 4zt0 C 947-952 disorder
       Region 4zt0 C 953-1019 order
       Region 4zt0 C 1020-1039 disorder
       Region 4zt0 C 1040-1050 order
       Region 4zt0 C 1051-1056 disorder
       Region 4zt0 C 1057-1366 order
       Region 4zt0 C 1367-1368 disorder
 Evidence X-RAY 4zt9 A Reference
       Region 4zt9 A 1-2 disorder
       Region 4zt9 A 3-307 order
       Region 4zt9 A 308-313 disorder
       Region 4zt9 A 314-710 order
       Region 4zt9 A 711-717 disorder
       Region 4zt9 A 718-764 order
       Region 4zt9 A 765-776 disorder
       Region 4zt9 A 777-1027 order
       Region 4zt9 A 1028-1033 disorder
       Region 4zt9 A 1034-1368 order
 Evidence X-RAY 4zt9 C Reference
       Region 4zt9 C 1-3 disorder
       Region 4zt9 C 4-307 order
       Region 4zt9 C 308-313 disorder
       Region 4zt9 C 314-526 order
       Region 4zt9 C 527-538 disorder
       Region 4zt9 C 539-571 order
       Region 4zt9 C 572-579 disorder
       Region 4zt9 C 580-695 order
       Region 4zt9 C 696-699 disorder
       Region 4zt9 C 700-765 order
       Region 4zt9 C 766-838 disorder
       Region 4zt9 C 839-854 order
       Region 4zt9 C 855-906 disorder
       Region 4zt9 C 907-946 order
       Region 4zt9 C 947-952 disorder
       Region 4zt9 C 953-1010 order
       Region 4zt9 C 1011-1038 disorder
       Region 4zt9 C 1039-1050 order
       Region 4zt9 C 1051-1056 disorder
       Region 4zt9 C 1057-1244 order
       Region 4zt9 C 1245-1252 disorder
       Region 4zt9 C 1253-1366 order
       Region 4zt9 C 1367-1368 disorder
SeqProS verified 448-502 :
       Region 4un4 B 180-712 order
       Region 4oo8 A 314-713 order
       Region 4oo8 D 3-713 order
       Region 4zt0 A 3-1366 order
       Region 4zt0 C 4-766 order
       Region 4un3 B 386-710 order
       Region 4un5 B 180-712 order
       Region 4zt9 A 314-710 order
       Region 4zt9 C 314-526 order
       Region 4cmq A 448-502 disorder
Disorder 1-3,1364-1368
Known Domain 4-1363
     4oo8A3 59-713 0.0
     4oo8A1 814-1102 1e-60
     4oo8A4 1103-1366 6e-63
Pfam RPS-Blast
     PF16593 62-94 1e-07 Bridge helix of CRISPR-associ...
     PF16592 194-711 e-131 REC lobe of CRISPR-associat...
     PF13395 829-871 1e-10 HNH endonuclease
     PF18541 915-1016 4e-08 RuvC endonuclease subdomai...
     PF16595 1102-1358 2e-36 PAM-interacting domain of...
Pfam Hmmer
    PF16593 62-94 9.9e-17 Bridge helix of CRISPR-assoc...
    PF16592 181-712 7.1e-211 REC lobe of CRISPR-associ...
    PF13395 821-871 3.2e-21 HNH endonuclease
    PF16595 1102-1358 1.3e-55 PAM-interacting domain o...