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What's New
We make NeProc, a program to predict IDRs and ProS (binding segments), available online.
NeProc accepts a query amino acid sequence in FASTA format.
One hundred and seventeen new entries are released and the annotations of the released data were updated.
Currently, the total number of proteins in IDEAL is 1,110, containing 13,097 non-redundant IDRs.

Ten new biological events are released in IDEAL.phosphorylation. Currently, the total number of events is 33.
We have introduced a new annotation of liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS). The annotation is based on the information of subcellular location in UniProt, and proteins suggested to be involved in LLPS were labeled. You can find these proteins by looking at the list table in the “Browse” page, and the annotations are also included in the XML and RDF files.
The following 85 new entries were released: IID00637 - IID00687, IID50263 - IID50295, and IID90030.

The entries of IID00056, IID50187, and IID90027 became obsolete.

The annotations of 646 existing entries were updated. Currently, the total number of proteins in IDEAL is 995, containing 11643 non-redundant IDRs.

We provide RDF version of IDEAL (with .ttl file extension). It is downloadable from the "Download" site (, and accessible via the SPARQL endpoint (

The version of IDEAL and the annotation or release dates of Uniprot, PDB, and IDEAL for each entry were described in the IDEAL XML file, using the version and date tags. See the XML charts in detail.

In the RPS-Blast structural domain search, we refer the SCOPe models, substituted for the SCOP models.